YOUR BODY All your body’s cells and organs generate waste and potentially toxic elements. These wastes must be eliminated efficiently and constantly, otherwise they accumulate in your body and affect your defenses, making you more prone to diseases.

Prunex1 - $ 44.00

Herbal tea based on a soluble fiber mix and prune extract, which represent an effective alternative in cases of discomfort due to slow intestinal transit.

Liquid Fiber - $ 44.00

Soluble fiber and micronutrients that, together, nourish the intestinal flora and work synergistically within your body.

Flora Liv - $ 53.00

10 billion probiotic bacteria per serving, which action in the intestine is enhanced with the help of prebiotic fiber, as well as the vitamins and minerals it contains.

Alpha Balance - $ 44.00

Alkalizing healthy drink that helps you promote the cleaning of toxic elements from your body and balance your body’s pH, so you can…

Berry Balance - $ 55.00

Delicious berries concentrate that help to take care of your urinary system in a more natural and complete way.

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