Prunex1 - $ 44.00

Herbal tea based on a soluble fiber mix and prune extract, which represent an effective alternative in cases of discomfort due to slow intestinal transit.

THERMO T3 - $ 44.00

Delicious combination of three teas, amino acids and fruit extracts of thermogenic effect that help you burn body fat efficiently, thus eliminating love handles in a healthy…

NOCARB-T - $ 44.00

Its formula will help you to partially inhibit the assimilation of carbohydrates and sugar in food, which helps reduce blood glucose. This prevents the formation of fat reserves…

Golden FLX - $ 48.50

Formulation based on a certified organic turmeric super extract with antioxidant and protective effects. Curcuminoids work in synergy with ginger and cardamom…

VITA XTRA T+ - $ 44.00

Functional antioxidant and energizing drink made from fruit extracts. Its formula enhances the energizing effect of Green Tea and Acai Berry with Guayusa extract, a fruit…

10/14 ACTIVE PACK - $ 170.00

Nutrition plan supplemented with FuXion products that helps reduce body weight and inches in a healthy way thanks to its scientifically proven…

VERA+ - $ 55.00

Herbal combination that strengthens, awakens, and modulates your immune system, thus helping to improve your natural defense system.

FLORA LIV - $ 53.00

10 billion probiotic bacteria per serving, which action in the intestine is enhanced with the help of prebiotic fiber, as well as the vitamins and minerals it contains.

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